EJ Taylor - Master Thatcher in Dorset
All types of thatching, ridging, patching and scaffolding undertaken
Thatcher Dorset

thatching-roofWe thatch roofs throughout Dorset using wheat straw or water reed where appropriate. Master Thatcher Edward Taylor has been thatching in and around Dorset for many years and can advise on what work is required to your thatched house. For all thatching works, including ridging and patching contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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Patching & Ridging

ridging-patchingIt is not always necessary to totally re-thatch a roof, we can patch your roof or put a new ridge on. We are thatch roofs in Dorset, Somerset and Devon and use traditional methods. We are members of Dorset Master Thatcher’s Association and works with planners and conservation officers alike advising on thatched roofs. See our services.

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scaffolding-around-thatchThatching methods have traditionally been passed down from generation to generation but we need to keep with the times on health and safety. Often scaffolding is required for thatching roofs. Using our expertise, we match the scaffolding to the thatching works. We can provide all types of scaffolding work.  Go to: dorsetscaffoldingcompany.com

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